Wednesday, February 08, 2006



Okay, so I'm hooked. There just don't seem to be enough hours in the evening to crochet. Not really much time to get a few rows in during lunchtime. By the time I get home, cook,'s time to go to bed! All I've got to look forward to is the weekends.

Those who don't understand my passion for crochet can't fathom how I could 'waste' a whole weekend in the house crocheting and knitting. But it's what I love and I HAVE to find time to do it!

I think I just need to get organized. That way, I'll have a project ready for me when I get home. Lately, I've been coming home, getting on the computer, or reading through my books, and by the time I find something worthy of sinking my 'hook' into...I fall asleep with all my yarn, needles and books in the bed....nothing accomplished.

I'll get there though. Starting with tonight. I'm going to get a few rows in while I watch American Idol.

Happy Hooking!

Sunday, February 05, 2006


Just starting to figure this blogging thing out, but I think I've finally gotten it. Now to put the finishing touches on how I want things to look. I can't wait to start putting pictures of my work up. Maybe I'll even get around to finishing that camouflage reversible throw (it's been almost two years!).

Welcome to the JerzeyCrochet blog. A tribute to one of the greatest fabric arts (crochet) and my joys that I have gained from it.

- JerzeyCrochet

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